Adding mock Tudor boards to a new home can bring a lot of character and traditional style to the property’s exterior design. Originally, wealthier merchants would have exposed wood beams, that were elaborately shaped or carved on their home fronts, to represent a certain level of class.  Now you can replicate this historic style with none of the upkeep associated with timber, thanks to our handmade polyurethane boards.

mock tudor boards

Our mock Tudor boards provide a high-quality design with long-lasting results.

There are many reasons to choose polyurethane boards over common wooden boards to give your home the full traditional effect:

  1. Handmade

Our mock Tudor boards are handmade in specialist moulds that are crafted from real oak timbers.  There is no computer aided design, just the expert eye and hands of the experienced craftsmen in our factory.

After the boards have been made, they are transferred to our paint shop where we use a high performing exclusive paint system to guarantee the best results. Instead of painting a simple top coat over our boards like many other mock Tudor board manufacturers, we operate a two-stage paint system and slow drying technique that allows the paint to be chemically bonded to the polyurethane, providing a finish that’s resistant to paint flaking and peeling.

  1. Resistant

Polyurethane is a hard wearing and long-lasting material in which the microscopic chains of resin molecules are brought together to bond tightly as they dry. This allows it to develop a firm resistance towards water, abrasion and solvents, compared with traditional materials on the market, meaning that our boards that will withstand the variable weather we come to expect here in the UK!

  1. Aesthetics

Polyurethane boards are the perfect solution for a mock Tudor look. They will provide a sleek, professional finish to your home’s new design, while bringing in a lot of character and charm with their traditional appearance.

Here at Tudor Boards we provide high quality polyurethane boards in a range of colours to suit your style, as well as mock timber beam covers. For more information on our full range of products please call us on 0121 296 8000.