Traditional Tudor beams were once used as building support during the Tudor period, when taller buildings were required to fit more people. Today, mock Tudor beams are used to add an element of character and elegance to modern homes, for a more classic design.

Original Tudor beams were historically made of wood, for a strong structure and support for new home builds. However, as construction has now advanced, bringing new materials to the market, polyurethane beams are a popular alternative.

But how do you decide whether to go with wood or polyurethane for your latest home renovation?

mock tudor wood

Weather Resistance

Natural wood contains water filled cells, which when chopped down from a tree, begins to dry up and shrink. When re-exposed to rainfall, the cells will re-absorb water and therefore swell, to then shrink again when the sun appears.

Constantly refilling and then closing can lead to gaps and cracking of the wood, which isn’t good when it’s a part of your home exterior. Whereas polyurethane Tudor beams are designed to be weather resistant so there’s no need to worry about unexpected damage and repairs.


Polyurethane is a durable material, used for long lasting results. This is what makes it the ideal material for fake wood beams, as home exteriors should be long lasting and low maintenance, with minimal wear and tear.

Natural wood, on the other hand, can easily be damaged, by either the weather conditions or by hand, making them more vulnerable.


When your home is under construction, the weight of real wood can put a strain on workers as it can be difficult to move and may require additional machinery. However, mock Tudor beams are lightweight from the polyurethane and are therefore easier to work with.


Being handcrafted guarantees that your fake wood beams will be crafted with a close eye for detail to produce the best results possible. We aim to make all of our work look as natural as possible, with discreet fixtures and sharp colours, so no one can tell the difference!

If you’re looking to add a more traditional feel to your home but want to keep it low maintenance and cost effective, consider mock Tudor beams for the benefits of polyurethane but the natural look of wood.

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