Transform your home into something completely unrecognisable with Tudor style architecture, for added class and character. Modern homes are very sleek and minimal in design, allowing them to blend in with every other neighbouring home. However, renovating your home exterior with a Tudor Board twist can help make your home the centre piece of the street, with a burst of history and personality.

Tudor periods buildings are very different to today’s homes, which makes them so unique and noticeable all these years later. To get this elegant new look for your modern home, here are some of the best features to include:

Tudor Boards

Exposed wooden framework is the main characteristic in Tudor architecture, as it is what creates the iconic structure and colour contrast. However, having exposed wood boards on your home’s exterior can be very high maintenance compared with mock Tudor boards.

Mock Tudor boards are the same aesthetically, but being made of polyurethane makes them very durable, guaranteeing long lasting results. It is also a much lighter material compared with natural wood and therefore is a lot easier to work with. Heavy wood beams run the risk of being easily damaged; both by hand or harsh weather conditions.

Contrasting Colours

Keeping in theme with classic Tudor architecture, homes are typically painted in a light, neutral colour to create contrast with the colour of the beams, allowing them to stand out. There is a lot to decide when it comes to mock Tudor board colour options, as it’s all about what suits your personal taste best and the style of your home.

Framed Windows

To highlight other features of your newly remodelled Tudor home, framing your windows in the same shade as your mock Tudor boards is a great way to tie the whole design together.

In addition, a lot of home owners choose to incorporate leaded windows into their home design to add another touch of character and elegance. These added features will contribute to the home’s overall aesthetic and provide the perfect finishing touches for your Tudor home.

Overall, choosing Tudor architecture for the inspiration behind your home renovation could be the exact thing your home needs. Tudor architecture is still very popular and loved by modern homeowners, with its historical value and structured design, adding class and value to any modern home.

Here at Tudor Boards we pride ourselves on our work to deliver high quality mock Tudor boards to revitalise any modern home. With a team of experts, we can guarantee professional, long lasting results that the whole family will be pleased with.

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