Mock Tudor boards represent a lot of history, dating back to the 16th century when home architecture was very different to today. Modern homes are very sleek and minimal in design, but recently homeowners have been taking inspiration from Tudor architecture, by adding darker borders around windows and door frames.

But for the full Tudor home experience, mock Tudor boards make the perfect addition to modern homes looking to incorporate originality into their home exterior, that separates them from neighbours nearby. The character and charm from mock Tudor boards provide features of interest that will spark conversation from visitors.

But there are many other reasons why Tudor architecture on modern homes is so beautifully unique:

mock tudor wood

Historical England

Tudor beams represent a lot of history on what life was like in the 16th century. During this era, it was necessary to find a way to make houses taller to accommodate more people while keeping costs fairly low. They achieved this by keeping the structural beams fully exposed from the outside, to avoid the additional costs of covering them up.

Fairytale Exteriors

A lot of people may associate Tudor home architecture with fairy tale cottages, which you may often see illustrated in children’s books and films. The rooflines, planks, colours, materials and overall shape are all common characteristics between Tudor and fairy tale homes.

Seeing these curves, exposed beams and asymmetrical rooflines is far more unique today, as modern homes are a lot squarer and sharper cornered. Instead, this whimsical Tudor style adds originality in a street of modern home architecture.

Unique Structures

Looking at Tudor homes the architecture tends to be very heavy and solid, featuring a lot of contrast in both colour and structure. Their roof peaks may be high, but their rooflines are drawn towards the ground and their half-beam features are very timeless, even today.

The shape of Tudor homes includes a lot of arches and curves, particularly around the doors and windows. This is very rare to find in modern home design, as today our homes tend to be very quadrilateral with straight walls and pointed 90-degree corners.

Prominent Windows

Tudor style homes tend to have very distinctive windows as they are often framed in dark Tudor boards to match the half-timbering exterior design. This helps to draw attention to certain features of your home and pull the overall design together.

Here at Tudor Boards we are dedicated manufacturers in the West Midlands of polyurethane mock Tudor boards, timber beam covers, ship cladding and log borders. Every one of our mock Tudor planks are handmade with specialist moulds in our very own factory and every project is completed with precision and care from our team of experienced builders and craftsmen.

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