2019 Price list (updated 11th January 2019)

Mock Tudor Planks

Width Thickness Length Weight Price (All prices +VAT)

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50mm 25mm 3500mm 1.9Kg £47.95
75mm 25mm 3500mm 2.5Kg £49.95
100mm 25mm 3500mm 2.9Kg £50.95
110mm 25mm 3500mm 3.2Kg £51.95
125mm 25mm 3500mm 3.6Kg £53.95
150mm 25mm 3500mm 4.2Kg £57.95
175mm 25mm 3500mm 4.9Kg £64.95
200mm 27mm 3500mm 5.6Kg £70.95
225mm 30mm 3500mm 6.4Kg £79.95
250mm 30mm 3500mm 6.9Kg £93.95
300mm 30mm 3500mm 8.2Kg £120.95
Mock Tudor Peg board (64 Pegs) Average 1 Peg board for 6 planks £19.99
Corner beams are priced as 2x Planks + this surcharge for welding + repaint:

Curved Plank surcharge:

You must provide us with a cardboard/paper cut out template for us to make

your curve.  We cannot work off pictures alone.

Any RAL Colour professionally primed and painted in our spray booth +15%

Minimum order for RAL colours is 10 planks.  Call us if less than 10.

Sample through the post Black/Rosewood/Chocolate Brown/Golden Oak FREE

Sample through the post any RAL colour primed and painted £12

If you have paid £12 for a sample this will be refunded upon placing an order.

UK Mainland delivery charge own driver personal service <100 miles

(100 to 150 miles £59)

(> 150 miles £79)


Composite Render Panels.

Due to extreme high demand, as of 1st November 2018, we will be stocking Composite Aluminium render panels in both white and ivory.  Our technical team have been looking at various manufacturers and have chosen the market leader Alupanel UK due to their absolute bullet-proof product in terms of quality and longevity.  There are two sizes, the standard 2400 x 1200 x 3mm sheet and the larger 3050 x 1220 x 3mm sheet.  We can also provide these sheets in bespoke colours from the manufacturer, please call for a price.

2400 x 1200 x 3mm                                                           £66.43 + VAT

3050 x 1220 x 3mm                                                            £91.87 + VAT

Due to bulk buying our stock, you should find our prices very competitive compared to online retailers.


Discounts available for Trade/Merchants. Please email sales@tudorboard.co.uk for a Trade Application form as proof of business will be required.  Trade customers get 15% off planks only and not the fixings/glues etc.  There are no discounts on the composite render panels.

Please allow up to +/- 3mm tolerance on all planks due to our manufacturing process.  We do not install we are supply only.

All our planks are 3.5m long, we do not manufacture longer planks.  The free samples sent out are usually made months before.  When we manufacture your planks, they may appear softer than the sample and the paint finish easy to dent.  This is because due to high demand, we are sending out planks to our customers that have not fully cured.  They can be installed immediately but please note the polyurethane core and our two stage paint finish takes between two to three weeks to fully harden.  The planks remain completely waterproof during this hardening process.  The free sample will be approx 20g heavier than if the same length was cut off a 3.5m plank due to the high compression rate during manufacture within the small sample mould.

Fixings and Ancillaries

**All prices plus VAT**

Purchasing the correct glues and fixings from us not only means your new planks will never expand or move beyond their natural tolerances, but also ensures your 15 Year warranty is fully adhered to.

Please watch our installation video on Youtube.  Do NOT use solvent based grab adhesives.  Ensure a fixing at least every 600mm.


Concrete Frame Fixing (No need for wall plugs) 7.5mm x 82mm. You will need approx 10 fixings per plank. Priced EACH. £0.19
Concrete Frame Fixing small bit. £1.00
De Walt SDS masonry drill bit 6.5 for frame fixings. £6.99
Predator PVCu hand saw (14 teeth per inch, great for our planks) £10.00
Fix All Extreme SMS Hybrid Polymer (white high tack glue) 300mm Tube.

All planks must be glued as well as frame fixed. 1 Tube usually does 2 planks.

Click here for data sheet (opens in new tab)

Fix All MS Polymer (Crystal clear peg glue) A small blob is required in the hole before knocking the pegs into place. 1 Tube usually does a whole house full of pegs

Click here for data sheet (opens in a new tab)


Wood drill bit for countersinking Pegs into the planks. £3.99
Touch Up Paint small bottle with brush.  We usually send out 1 bottle for every 6 planks £1.10
Or Touch up paint any RAL colour small bottle with brush £2.10
5 Ltr Matching Paint (For painting any surrounding steel beams/Lintels or other material

On the property so it matches with your new Tudor Planks)

Any RAL Colour 5 Ltr Paint (For painting any surrounding steel beams/Lintels or other material on the property so it matches with your new Tudor Planks) £87.65

For bespoke sizes and shapes please contact us.  Please check our lead times before ordering.  50% Deposit required.  Full payment on bespoke jobs required on ordering please.

Email us: sales@tudorboard.co.uk or call 0121 296 8000 and tell us how many planks you require and we will work out all of your fixings + glues and send you an estimate.  Why not have a look at our Youtube installation video?  It’s at the very bottom of this page on the black bar.


Other Products

Log Border              3.5m long, 270mm wide, 50mm thick  £93.95 plus VAT

Shiplap Cladding   3.5m long, 150mm wide, 20mm thick £53.95 plus VAT

Shiplap cladding finishing corner 2.95 long, 40/40mm 5mm thick £23.80 plus VAT

Shiplap cladding finishing corner 5.9m long, 40/40mm 5 mm thick £47.60 plus VAT

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