Mock Tudor Planks

Below are pictures of our most commonly made Tudor planks. We offer a wide range of sizes ranging from as small as 50mm to as large as 300mm.  The most common size of mock Tudor plank is 150mm and 175mm.  A 150mm plank is the perfect size for replacing the old imperial timber planks that are usually 145mm.  Our biggest sellers are 150 and 175mm.

For the ultimate finish, we can also create fully welded 90 degree right angled corners at 3.5m and at time of print, Tudor Boards Ltd are the only company in the UK that can do this.  Some mock Tudor houses may have different sized corners, for instance 150mm on the front but with a 200mm return which is no problem for us as we will make you a 150 x 200 welded corner.  You only pay for the two planks plus a corner surcharge.

As well as the planks, we also provide you with the whole fixing kit and even a fine toothed saw to cut it with.  We will provide all the correct adhesives and tools so even the basic DIY’er will be able to install our mock Tudor planks.

Using the right fixing screws and adhesives that we provide ensures that the 15 year warranty is set in stone.  If you or a fitter is unsure about installing we have a dedicated technical department who can help you with any installation questions.

Your new mock Tudor planks will also come with the correct amount of peg boards.  These peg boards are little pegs or ‘dowels’ that you simply cut off with a saw and glue into the holes once you’ve installed the boards.

Curved Tudor planks?  Not a problem!  We can manufacture these too in house.  You may need to send us a template for us to work off.

Colours?  As well as our standard colours we can manufacture your new planks in any RAL colour at an extra cost and can even provide you with extra paint for touching up structural beams or lintels.

We also manufacture RSJ Beam covers out of Polyurethane and weld them in house.  Send in your sizes for a quote.  More pictures coming soon.

Here is an example of a fully welded corner in Rosewood.  These are hand made in house and looks like a real corner section with no mitres or joins to be seen.  No other company in the UK can make these.

We can provide you with any size mock Tudor corner and can make internal Mock Tudor corners as well.


Take a look at some of our product videos.