Mock Tudor Boards

If you love the Tudor revival style and would like to shake up the exterior of your home, polyurethane mock Tudor boards provide the ideal solution. Manufactured in specialist moulds created from real English oak timbers, mock Tudor boards provide all the aesthetic benefits of traditional timber planks, with the durability, flexibility and affordability of modern materials and technology.

At Tudor Boards Limited, based in Cannock, Staffordshire, we produce Mock Tudor planks that are up to 50% heavier and more substantial than the competition, provide a 15 year warranty and can professionally paint your Tudor boards to any RAL colour. Our most popular colours include black, bespoke RAL colour anthracite grey, golden oak, chocolate brown and rosewood, but we can finish your boards in any RAL of your choice.

There is no denying that Tudor style boards are very striking to the eye, but when it comes to choosing the colour for your Mock Tudor boards, what tones will best suit your home?

Here are some of our tips for choosing the exterior colour scheme for your property:

Don’t use multiple colours

Whilst we can produce polyurethane boards in so many different colours, we would certainly urge you to pick just one colour for the Tudor style trim. This colour should contrast with the overall field area of your home’s exterior.

A smart rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t consider more than three colours for the exterior of your home. For example, a light colour for the majority of the walls, a darker colour for your Tudor boards and a third colour for your front door. However, it’s worth considering that in most cases, your home will look great with just two colours – why not choose a front door to match your Tudor boards?

Your Tudor boards should be darker than the field

Polyurethane boards are mimicking the timbers that provided part of the wood frame for a Tudor house. Traditionally, these timbers were brown or black as a result of being oiled and darkened over time. If you want to stay true to the traditional Tudor style, always choose dark boards to contrast with a lighter colour for the overall field of your home’s exterior.

Mock Tudor Homes

The more traditional the style of your house, the bolder you can be with the contrast

If your home is quite traditional in style, a white background, with black anthracite grey or chocolate Mock Tudor boards would provide the ideal aesthetic. If your home is more modern but you love the Tudor style aesthetic, you could choose a lesser contrast, for example, a home with a more yellowing or cream colour and more visible red brick work would suit golden oak or rosewood boards.

Tudor Board Colours

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