Tudor Board Home

If your home is looking a little tired and lacks curb appeal, the good news is, there are many improvements that you can make that will massively improve how your home looks from the street. By making a few renovations, not only can you improve your enjoyment of your own home for years to come, but you can also make it more appealing to potential buyers should you decide to sell.

Here are some great ways to upgrade your home’s exterior:


Windows take up a lot of surface area on your homes exterior and as a result, they play a big part in the overall aesthetics of the building. If your windows are no longer energy efficient, now is the perfect time to replace them for new windows that much better compliment the exterior of your home.

If you live in a historical or more traditional style property, do your windows match this? By choosing an appropriate style that fits with the architectural guidelines of your home, you can massively enhance the way your property looks from the street.


Updating your front door is another sure-fire way to make your home look more appealing. Does your door compliment the architectural style of your home? Is your front door dull and boring? You could consider replacing a uPVC door with a composite door in wood effect, introduce a vibrant colour scheme to make your home really stand out, or replace your door with one that lets in natural light.

Architectural Embellishments

Certain architectural accents or embellishments can help the features of your home to stand out from the street. Updating fascia and soffits, as well as guttering so that it fits in more with the style of your house can make a big difference, as can updating hardware on doors and windows.

For a mock Tudor look to your home, you could choose polyurethane mock Tudor boards. These boards are made as a more affordable and lower maintenance alternative to old imperial timber planks. These planks are formed in specialist moulds and created from real English oak timbers, as a result they are highly realistic. A two-stage paint system, combined with a slow drying technique that chemically bonds the paint to the boards is used, ensuring a convincing timber look finish, combined with paint that will not peel or flake. The result is a look and feel that will make it difficult to believe that the boards are not really wood.

If you are interested in high quality mock Tudor boards to upgrade your home’s exterior, call 0121 296 8000, or click here to request a sample.